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What are your responsibilities towards your employees if they are continuing to work from home?

Employers are not excused from health and safety requirements just because the employee is working temporarily from home. Employers have established legal duties with regards to the safety, health and welfare at work of their staff that continue to apply with home working.  The guidance below is aimed at helping you manage staff that are […]

Forced to Furlough?

The response to Covid-19 has seen businesses adapt to a new way of working, where safeguarding the health of clients and staff is of paramount importance. A secondary, but no less important task, is to ensure that jobs are protected so that following this unprecedented time businesses and their employees can return to function. Many […]

Coronavirus Guidance & Support

This page provides useful templates and guidance to support our clients during the Coronavirus. Documents include a Coronavirus Policy and Risk Assessment (please note that this is a generic risk assessment and must be made specific to your business), as well as other documents you may find useful. We will regularly review these documents and update them. Tysers Risk services […]

Cyber Security for Homeworkers

As you and your employees have relocated to work from home, it is important to provide ongoing education and raise users awareness of Cyber Security issues. Employers are advised to produce security policies covering acceptable and secure use of your own systems and provide ongoing cyber security awareness guidance to their staff. We have been […]

UK Businesses Face Uncertainty

by Martyn Locke, Trade Credit Specialist – Tysers INSOLVENCY I ADMINISTRATION I LIQUIDATION I CVA I BANKRUPTCY It has been a volatile year and uncertainty continues to surround the potential impact of our exit from the EU. However Brexit is resolved it is possible that your business’s customers may find it difficult to trade profitably […]

Business Interruption : Is your Indemnity Period adequate?

Under-insurance can be caused by the selection of an inadequate Indemnity Period. The Indemnity Period in a Business Interruption Insurance policy is a limited post-incident period for which an insurer will indemnify a client for financial loss. Research indicates businesses often choose an insufficient maximum indemnity period. This is typically due to a failure in […]